Visit to Prof. Carlos Santamarina at KAUST

On 18-19 April 2018 Dr. Huvaj and Turkish delegate visited King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to meet with Prof. Carlos Santamarina and to learn about ongoing research at his Energy Geoengineering Laboratory (EGEL Looking forward to future collaboration with KAUS.

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Colleagues from Niigata University visited Turkey in March 2018

Prof. Hiroshi Fukuoka, Prof. Yutaka Gonda, students Dabycharun Bhoopendra and Hiroki Muto from Niigata University, Japan, visited Turkey in March 2018 as part of Global Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Program of MEXT GLocalAge 2020 Exchange Program. Together with Dr. Huvaj and other colleagues, they carried out fieldwork in landslide sites in the city of Rize, and seminars and laboratory visits in Ankara. We are happy to collaborate and we thank MEXT GLocalAge program coordinated by Niigata University for the funding provided.

Click on the image to watch the video.

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Master Thesis Defence of Emir Ahmet Oguz

Emir Ahmet Oguz of GeoMT research group defended his Master's thesis study on “Spatial probabilistic evaluation of sea bottom soil properties and its effect on foundation design” on 27 December 2017. One of the journal papers related to his work is accepted for publication (Oguz, E.A., Huvaj, N., and Griffiths, D.V. (2018) Vertical Spatial Correlation Length Based on Standard Penetration Tests, Marine Georesources and Geotechnology, accepted in Feb 2018).

Congratulations Emir!

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Can Simsek’s Masters Thesis Defence

Can Simsek from GeoMT research group defended his Masters thesis study on the “BEHAVIOR OF GEOCELL REINFORCED SANDY SOILS UNDER STATIC LOAD” on 20 December 2017. Congratulations Can!


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GeoMT Research Group Will Be at the 7th Geotechnical Symposium in Istanbul on 22-24 November 2017

GeoMT research group will be attending Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers 7th Geotechnical Symposium with International Participation on 22-24th of November 2017 in Istanbul. Dr. Huvaj and Emir Ahmet Oğuz will be presenting their recent study on “Variability in Seabottom Sediments and Effects on Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Strip Foundations”. Along with GeoMT alumni, numerous other researchers both national and international will be presenting their studies at the symposium.

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Dr. Huvaj’s TUBITAK CAREER Project

Asst. Prof. Nejan HUVAJ, faculty member at METU Civil Engineering Department, is the principal investigator of a newly funded TUBITAK 3501 CAREER project entitled “Interaction of Marginal Fills and Geogrids for Reinforced Soil Walls and Slopes”. The project, which started in October 2017, will be finalized in 2020. One Ph.D. and one M.S. student will be project assistants in this research project. The main objective of this project is to investigate the interaction of marginal fill materials and novel geosynthetics in geogrid-reinforced walls and slopes by laboratory experiments and with numerical modelling, in the end to provide recommendations for the development of a technical standard.

Reinforced soil slope and wall constructions are quite popular because of their advantages in terms of, construction speed, durability and construction cost. The use of granular backfill material is the recommended practice by most international design guidelines. That being said, these granular material may not be found near the construction sites and should be transferred to the site from far distances, also causing the site-available fill materials to be discarded. The cost, availability and transportation of granular material raise the cost of construction. There are significant economic and environmental benefits in using marginal fill materials readily available on site, or waste materials from different industries. Marginal fill material is defined as a predominantly granular soil, having high fines content. Considering life-cycle cost assessment, sustainability and green construction, the use of locally available fill materials (or other waste materials) can provide environmental benefits, for example, by reducing carbon footprint of projects.


This project aims to contribute to the usage of marginal fill in geogrid-reinforced earth walls and slopes. For this purpose, large direct shear tests (width 300 mm x length 300 mm x height 300 mm) will be conducted to investigate soil-geogrid interaction mechanism for granular soils having different fines contents (0 up to %40) and having different plasticity indices. Also, different and novel geogrids will be utilized and the effect of different geogrid characteristics will be analyzed. Additionally, negative and positive pore water pressures will be measured and its effect on interaction mechanism, bond coefficients and interface shear properties will be discussed. Furthermore, numerical simulations of geogrid-soil interaction mechanism will be carried out.

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METU team ranked in the top three at ASCE GeoInstitute student competition

The team composed of METU Civil Engineering Department undergraduate student Celal Emre Uyeturk and graduate student, research assistant, Emir Ahmet Oguz ranked in the top three teams at ASCE GeoInstitute Annual Geoprediction student competition. They are invited by ASCE GeoInstitute to Orlando, Florida on 13 March 2017 to make a presentation and compete in the final assessment. The student competition was about the most accurate prediction of time-dependent settlement and lateral deformations under an embankment loading over soft soil next to a river. There were prefabricated vertical drains in soft soil and a geotextile underneath the embankment. We congratulate METU team!

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22 October 2016 Ground Improvement technical trip

Dr. Nejan Huvaj’s Fall 2016 CE464 Ground Improvement course students went to a technical trip to Istanbul on 22nd October 2016 with 37 participants including Dr. Nejan Huvaj and research assistants Emir Ahmet Oguz, Berkan Soylemez and Yagizer Yalcin. Firstly, application of deep mixing ground improvement method is observed at the construction site for the connection roads of the 3rd airport in Kemerburgaz. Second site was in Piyalepasa, where a diaphragm wall using hydrofraise is being constructed for the deep excavation right next to a historical mosque and tomb. Both sites were operated by Iksa Engineering company. See more photos at METU Civil Engineering Department’s website:

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13-14 October 2016 the 16th National Geotechnical Congress

GeoMT research group alumni Burak Akbas presented his M.S. thesis research on probabilistic slope stability analyses with Random Finite Element Method (RFEM) at the 16th National Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Congress (ZM16) that was held at Ataturk University, in Erzurum, on 13-14 October 2016. Dr. Nejan Huvaj presented GeoMT research group alumni Volkan Emren’s M.S. thesis research on 3D finite element modeling of offshore oil platform foundation (spudcan) penetration into clayey seabed. We also got the chance to meet and talk with Prof. Carlos Santamarina (KAUST) (listen to his 2014 Terzaghi lecture).

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Dr. Huvaj at the 6th European Geosynthetics Congress

GeoMT research group’s Dr. Nejan Huvaj attended the 6th European Geosynthetics Congress (EuroGeo6) in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 26-28 September 2016. She presented the work by Ph.D. student Anil Ekici and Nejan Huvaj entitled “A review on the use of marginal fills for geogrid-reinforced walls and slopes” and she chaired a technical session on Reinforced Embankments. Dr. Huvaj was also a member of the local organizing committee of EuroGeo6 Congress.

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